vita vitae
 the life of life

an ordinary biography doesn't tell the story of the life, which the life has written. It only shows the certificates of society in which we believe. So the conclusion is to try to tell the story, which is never been told: the vita vitae.



probably born in grossroehrsdorf, germany (saxony)


the whole reversion happened


abitur; the book 'AUFENTHALT in der HOELLE oder die reglosigkeit aller statisten' was written

2005 - 2007

study of german studies and philosophy in leipzig (aborted)


swallowed up from the earth; illegal languagedeals

2007 - 2012

study of art education in leipzig


electricity blackout in the heart; afterwards gone into hiding; probably illegal activities in foreign countries; works on 'batteries' and 'places for fire' began (researching for fire and its place)


the book 'bleiauskunft' was written

1974, 2009

'where is the coyote'

2010 - 2012

i was two years without a lamp; the book was written later, at the 'iachtjähriger untergrund'


construction of the 'huenengenerator'; works on 'junction box' began; education of weathertechnics (german: 'witterungstechnik'), soilelectronics (german: 'erdelektronik') and fireplaceconstruction (german: 'feuerstellenbau')

2011 - 2012

education of guerilla tactics at dead adresses and abandoned property; conquering dead adresses; construction of 'the stromanzuender' (english: 'electrical current foil'); at the 'iachtjähriger untergrund'


finishing 'junction box'; founding the 'archaeological society v. schliemann' and the 'fernkindliche armee fraktion' (english: 'far childlike army faction'); study of arts at the institute for guerilla tactics and dead adress conquering (Prof. Dr. Bader); the book 'zwe i  jahren ohne lampe' was written


constructing 'alexandria'; conspirative activities; the play 'the war zone' (original title: 'die kampfzone') was written; various cooperations, particularily in foreign countries; initiating 'conquering places'