the complete editor
 phase II - alexandria

greifswald 2012; the text 'iachtjähriger mit erwachsenenkostüm' in a hole. Behind the hole there's a far childlike car built with rubbish and driven by a ghostdriver you never can see.

original title: 'iachtjährige unfallstelle'

alexandria 2013; connecting a typewriter with soil, a generator and a satellite. In a second picture a radio receive the signal and putting out empty papers. A film about the project deycribes the project from its inside.

alexandria 2013; portraits of king brunke I. of alexandria, a tranformation.

original title: 'könig brunke I. von alexandria'

greifswald 2013; being exhibited by the 'ministerium' because of illegal activities. Not finished. Activities at berlin comming soon.

original title: 'guerilla dress

editorial laboratory 2013; mickey is a figure from the film 'les choix des armes'. His intensity was the trigger for creating a dialoque. Public intervention planned.

original title: 'bis bald mickey'

editorial laboratory, alte bäckerei 2013; the antiquity of the 'erdelektronik: a stove with burning letters and the broken electrificator.

original title: 'elektrifikation'