the complete editor
 phase I - junction box

new york 1974, leipzig 2009; first project with complete modification of a room. Prototype for later work.

original title: 'wo ist der coyote'

leipzig 2010; first swamp, which generated itself for developing the 'erdelektronik'.

leipzig 2011; conquering a dead adress by installing and using a letterbox. Based on the letters the book 'zwei jahre n ohne lampe' was written.

original title: 'tote adresse'

leipzig 2011, 2012; invading an adress by swamping the buildings.

original title: 'mächtiger sümpffen'

leipzig 2011, 2012; using a conquered adress, installing a honeystove into a swamb, where batteries for medical elements were constructed and connected with soil from destructing the bottom of the building by using the hole as a mine.

leipzig 2012; conquering a dead adress by constructing a research station for archaeological work.

original title: 'archäologische gesellschaft v. schliemann'

at the 'totenreich' 2012; constructing the laboratory where the other projects are from and try to connect them into one.

original title: 'stromkasten'