phase I
 archaeological society v. schliemann

nearly the whole quarter of the research station

in 2012 the 'archaeological society v. schliemann' did a prospection at the empty place between the roßplatz and the wilhelm-leuschner-platz in leipzig. In the DDR there was a supermarket with a big warehouse in the underground. This warehouse already exist and was the target of the archaeological investigation. Some sprinklings happened, the detonations shaked leipzig, but no newsletter gave a comment about. The funds of the prospection are not public: weapons, stasi-notes and mummies are supposed. In future the 'archaeological society v. schliemann' will work in the north of germany called 'the totenreich' with the capital anklam.

the research station

the research camp

the ABC in front of the research camp (you can find the text at the library)

the far childlike sprinkling

the far childlike sprinkling master before the detonation

one of the contoured funds