phase I
 dead adress

the electrical postmark (original title: 'poststromstempel')

the letterbox

'dead adress' is a project, which has taken a central part of the editor. It's simple: conquering a invaled (dead) adress by installing and using a letterbox. A whole network of activated adresses were developed in consequence. This strategy to occupate a place is a basic technic now. But the letterbox don't exist as letterbox anymore. It was modifiied to 'the telegraph', which is the central component of 'the electrical current foil' in its second constitution.
But the letters i wrote to myself are existing instead. I adressed them with false name, but meant myself. They are the base of the book 'two year s  without a lamp' (orignal title: 'zwei jahre n  ohne lampe').

the letterbox from another view